Lessons learned..AGAIN!

I am learning this lesson over and over! I wonder when it will finally stick?!?! This week was tough as in really long work hours, not getting to cook, not getting to play with the dogs much, not taking care of Jason (who never complains after almost 21 years), not working out and grabbing tasty food that was not healthy. I got on the scale and jumped back off FAST! Looked around at my dirty house and my shaggy Pomeranians needing a brushing and resolved to do better…AGAIN! How often are we all in a similar situation where we get behind and it takes a week just to make up the prior week? The best advice I can offer is to not beat yourself up! That is something I excel at all the time. I just say oh well I will do better! Better could be a positive mindset or a better plan. How about we do both????