Radically Active Women (RAW) is for women who want to be RADICALLY ACTIVE!

Our founder, Susan Kildahl didn’t like to workout at the gym alone. So RAW came to be as a way to gather fun women together to workout with Susan. This then turned into group bike rides, walks and hikes. Then Saturday lunches, monthly pot luck brunches, happy hours and classes got added for the RAW group. Tango lessons after an empanada dinner? What about trying Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Do you like to meet other women who want to do more outside of the business world?

Do you like to take fun classes, join other women for lunch or brunch or workout with others?

Radically Active Women is a part of Radical Referrals USA. Please check the LOCATIONS page for RRUSA locations with a Radically Active Women (RAW) group.